The Centre d’Observation en Réalité Augmentée et Lieu d’Immersion Sonore CORAULIS has started its construction phase within ENSA Nantes. This project is the result of a long value chain of competences that have been involved, in research, training and operations, in order to create an experiment tool adapted to research works on sensory experiences in built environments, visualization and analysis techniques for urban projects, co-design and new pedagogies for projects.

In 2018, Alexandra Pasturel and Amin Bouattour did their master’s internship at CRENAU, where they worked on the creation of CORAULIS’ case. Their simulation proposal was validated by the project leaders for its aesthetic qualities and the solutions it provided to the many technical constraints calculated by the project engineers. As part of their architectural education at ENSA Nantes, their final project focused on the design and fabrication of CORAULIS’ wood structure, in collaboration with several colleagues*. They are currently working on the fabrication, supervised by Francis Miguet, professor-researcher, and Michel Bertreux, professor at ENSA Nantes.

The wood structure will be covered with an external layer made of staff, a material that was selected for its acoustic qualities, which will be implemented by a company specialised in this field.

Image synthesis of the CORAULIS plateform once completed (© Alexandra Pasturel et Amin Bouattour)The construction site of the platform structure on July 15, 2019

Understanding theoretical questions about the built environment with virtual experiments

CORAULIS has three original characteristics: a high-definition visual and sound immersion, an augmented reality system projectable over models, and a double-level architecture that allows new interactions between users and viewers/researchers. The platform can be used for all research works and developments that revolve around virtual environment experiences. It will also be a learning tool for students.

CORAULIS will provide members of the research and education communities of Nantes Métropole with a common platform to meet analogue needs regarding the experience of built environments and participatory initiatives.

*Youen Perhirin, Solène Mery, Cédric Michel, Charles Bastide, Quentin Sablé, Andreu Ribes Villanueva, Martin Pavageau, Etienne Pain, Klement Faust, Benjamin Chaignon.