The 9th winter school organized by CRESSON is welcoming this year the « B-AIR Art Infinity Radio » project supported by the Creative Europe Culture Program (EACEA).

The WinterSchool takes the form of a week of research and practices from 18th to 22nd January in order to discuss and explore the laboratory’s methods and concepts in their capacities to give some answers to a specific topic in link with the sound environment, its study and its transformations.

This year the theme is “vulnerabilities and sounds, the experience of listening”.

In a world where the immediacy of information as well as the quickness of actions have become the rule, it seems more and more challenging to take the time. The acceleration of lifestyles and ways of thinking has become a prerequisite for success. Nevertheless, in parallel with this fast-moving world, long-term issues are being increasingly neglected, creating social, environmental and spatial « vulnerabilities ». It is precisely at the intersection of these stakes that the question of ambiances and more particularly of sounds can appear as a catch. Listening to the environment, a gesture that may seem simple and insignificant, becomes a powerful tool for considering places and words at scales and temporalities that are difficult to reach with the visual.

Sound is a medium intrinsically related to time, but also very capable of questioning scales that are often « left aside » because they appear to be too obvious, too small or on the other hand too large. Therefore, sound could be considered as a lever for considering, questioning or reframing these issues.

Information and registration (before the 15th of january).

Live Broadcast :