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As part of the Europe B-AIR project, these days have taken place in Cuneo (italy), at the Conservatorio di Musica G.F.Ghedini from 5 to 8 October 2022.

Taking inspiration from a phrase of Jean-Claude Risset (pioneer of musical research founder of Music Research Center ACROE and initiator of the AST-Art Science Technology concept): “One of my early desires as a musician was (…) to compose the sound itself, instead of merely composing with sounds.”

This contribution has involved, as active host, the METS (Electronic Music and Sound Engineering) Department of Cuneo Music Conservatory, as well as local realities related with B-AIR themes.

The event followed a format successfully adopted in previous face-to-face appointments: the mornings were devoted to public lectures, presentations, debates and meetings, while the afternoons and evenings were dedicated to on-field activities – research actions, workshops, performances – that also involved a broad public.

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These recordings are part of the research:

B-AIR – Art Infinity Radio – How does the world sound?






NB: Abstracts & related documents of each item can be found on the bibliographic references page: . . .


01 – Opening Welcome



02 – Dance_performance


03 – Radio_promenade Time Machine


04 – Conferences day 1

04-1 – Sonic Experience: A Guide To Everyday Sounds
Nicolas Tixier, Jul McOisans – Cresson


04-2L’isolato: Geometries of cohabitation
A.Ceraso, A.Fantino – Cuneo


04-3 – Noisy fairy tales: Aesthetic foresight and planning consistency in Sergio Liberovici’s didactic works.
Francesco Cristiani – Torino


04-4 – Radio compositions for babies
Ntana Papachristou, Yorgos Samantas  – TwixLab


04-5 – Emotional music education and sonic identity in a context of social vulnerability.
Silvia Cucchi – Cuneo Conservatory


05 – Cresson workshop


06 – music kitchen performance


07 – il ciangottio – (the chatter – le babil) Parco della resistenza


08 – Conferences day 2

08-1 – Composing Radio Plays for babies
Katarina Kompan Erzar – RTV Slovenija


08-2 – Sound, rhythm, music and communal care
Rajko Muršič – RTV Slovenija


08-3 – It would be great to hear wolves howling. I’ve never heard it!
Jukka Mikkola – Suomen Yliopisto


08-4 – Radiophonic media and sound memories of the oldest
Helmi Järviluoma & Heikki Uimonen  Suomen Yliopisto


08-5 – Composing using AIR tools
Jan Jona Javorsek – Institut Jožef Stefan, Gregor Pirš – RTV Slovenija


10 – Concert / Performance
Prof. Faraci & METS students


11 – Conferences day 3

11-1 – Composition sonic memory, trauma, soundscapes and narratives
Ntana Papachristou, Yorgos Samantas – TwixLab


11-2 – A Guide to Life: Sound, Time and Environment/Space
Nikoleta Dojcinovic, Marijana Gojkovic – RTS – SRBije

11-3Radio UGI, The voice of UGI’s world
Nicola Derio – UGI Torino


11-5     – EARTHEART
Gianluca Verlingieri Cuneo


12 GG’B-day

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