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Séminaire scientifique & de création à Cerisy – du 15 au 20 mai 2023 

As part of the Europe B-AIR project, this project brings together international partners from universities, radio and sound arts. It aims to explore new theoretical, methodological and practical tools to promote listening as well as sound creation. Through the prism of ambiances, we question our inhabited and living spaces in the face of environmental and societal changes, and we are particularly interested in so-called vulnerable audiences (very young children, people with disabilities, the elderly and the sick, etc.).

This seminar, including guests, was developped in 4 ways :

– theoretical presentations or reports of experiences in the morning ;
– small group work in the afternoon (writing, recording podcasts, walking, preparing sound installations, etc.) ;
– listening and discovery of sound installations at the end of the day or in the evening ;
– a creative workshop with students from art schools (Annecy, Tours), the conservatory of Cuneo, the school of nature and landscapes of Blois.

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These recordings are part of the research:

B-AIR – Art Infinity Radio – How does the world sound?




01 – The sound factory of the imagination – Seminar 1

            01.1 – The Castle of Crossed Destiny, call for participative project
Giuseppe Gavazza


            01.2 – 92,5FM – sympathy radio
            Evangelia Paxinou, Petros Flampouris, Nicolas Remy


            01.3 – The heritage that remains. The sound space of the Romanesque churches of the Catalan Pyrenees
            Ona Ballo

            + Viatge Invers


02 – FM92,5             (Sound Installation and Performance)
            Paxinou E., Flampouris and Remy

03 – ISS             (Sound performance)
            Thierry Mouillé


04 – B-Air cuts           (Shared Listening)
            TWIXTlab (dj Dana Papachristou and Yorgos Samantas)


05 – The sound factory of the imagination – Seminar 2

            05.1 – Where to go? New directions in studying sensory environments
            Helmi Järviluoma, Heikki Uimonen


            05.2 – Sounds from Sarajevo siege
            Lejla Odobasic Novo

            + The electro acoustic composing « Symphony of the Siege »
            and sound composition « Peace »
            + This is the link to the documentary


            05.3 – Tangible Radio – haptic orientations on a deaf planet
            Dana Papachristou, Georges Samantas, Petros Flampouris


            05.4 – Listening to the city between water, mountains, and industry :
making sense of Grenoble and its hinterlands
            Sebastien De Pertat, Marc Higgin, Laïs Janvion


06 – Bells, flute & echoe           (Sound installation & performance)
            Cresson Team


07 – Les sirènes du Drac (1.4)           (Sound installation)
            Cresson Team


08 – Radio Utopia – News of the World – live test 1            (Shared Listening)
            juL McOisans, Cédric Pichat, Nicolas Tixier


09 – The sound factory of the imagination – Seminar 3

            09.1 – Sharawadji
            Théo Marchal, Nicolas Rémy


            09.2 – Learning by sound, becoming landscape designers
            Lolita Voisin, Olivier Gaudin


            09.3 – Ambiance of a country in wartime:
            an approach based on Ukrainian artists’ works in progress

            Perrine Poupin


            09.4 – Sympthony for babies and toddlers
            Saska Rakef Perko


10 – The Castle of crossed destinies            (Sound Performance)
            Cuneo Team (Tetrapack)


11 – RTV program             (Shared Listening)
             (Saska – Jackals)


12 – Sound evening organized by students
            (Cuneo, Tours, Annecy)


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