The theme of the 38th eCAADe Conference held in Berlin from September 16-18 was « Anthropologic – Architecture and fabrication in the cognitive age ».

Laurent Lescop and Bruno Suner gave a lecture entitled
« Designing intradiegetic and extradiegetic spaces for Virtual Reality ».

Fictions for virtual reality are mostly conceived either in an entirely virtual environment or in a real environment with very little transformation. It is infinitely rare to find examples of sets designed and built specifically for a 360° experience. Building, rather than remaining purely virtual, raises complex questions about the organization of a « space to play » and therefore how to produce a narrative for immersion and create a 360° film grammar. they created a first 360° set for the famous director Marc Caro, for whom the question of off-screen raised a very complex technical problem regarding lighting, visual effects, staging, blocking and acting. In this contribution, they showed how this was solved and why the definition of a 360° narrative grammar is crucial. These are important intricacies that place the user-spectator in the optimal conditions to appreciate the experience.

Contacts: Laurent Lescop, Bruno Suner